Bowls and plates

My standard range of bowls & plates are a mixture of everyday tableware and special items such as porringers and star bowls. They are all turned on my foot powered lathe from British hardwoods.

Mary Rose bowls
7" diameter£43
large  7.5"-8" diameter £49
extra large 8.5"-9" diameter £55

Every sailor on the Mary Rose had his personal bowl and I have had the opportunity to study and photograph the originals during my research. Whether you particularly want a Tudor replica or just a characterful bowl for your breakfast, soup or stew, these beech bowls should stand years of hard use.  Smaller ones make a large soup or breakfast bowl larger ones are great for meals of pasta or stew. Each one is branded deeply with a replica of the "H" brand that was on the originals marking them as Henry VIIIs property. Also available without H brand if you prefer.
Mussels in cider and cream, large Mary Rose bowl Galician spoon

These are some of the original 450 year old Mary Rose bowls that my design is based on.

Irish bowls
approx 7" diameter :: £45 each
A design based on 10th century originals from Balinderry Crannog, Ireland, these bowls make lovely small salad bowls or large eating bowls. They were made from sycamore trees cut from beside the train line near my home in Edale and have some lovely patterns and colours.

Little bowls
approx 4-5" diameter :: £15 each or 4 for £50
These are great for serving bits and pieces at the table ... a few olives, some grated parmesan cheese, or some sour cream. They are turned from the piece left over inside larger bowls so their exact shape, size and colour varies, but I think they are all the nicer for that.

Mary Rose dinner plates
approx 9.5" diameter £39 :: 10" £43 :: 10.5" £47 - sorry, all plates currently out of stock
I use them for every day eating and find meal times are more peaceful without the chink of cutlery on china. They are also perfect for barbecues and picnics as wood is a natural insulator and they don't break if you drop them. Again, like the originals found on the Tudor warship, they are made from beech.

approx 7" diameter including handles :: £45each
A personal favourite of mine with hand carved handles, a replica of an Elizabethan bowl found not far from Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. I use a porringer every day as my breakfast bowl and the little handles fit perfectly under my thumb as I cup it in my hand, making carrying it a pleasure.

Original star bowl
approx 8" diameter :: £49 each currently out of stock
I've been making these for 10 years and they are my top selling wedding or birthday gift. They are based on a drawing of a bowl found in Braunschweig, Germany dated mid-15th century. They are firstly turned, then the rim is hand carved with an axe and knife.

Lubeck star bowl
approx 7" diameter :: £49 each currently out of stock
This is my new design with an upflowing rim based on some wonderful Medieval bowls I studied recently in Lubeck, northern Germany. They are firstly turned, then the rim hand carved with a knife.