06 July 2013

new bowls

This part of my gallery is for more unusual one off bowls, and regular updates on current stock other bowls, plates and silver rimmed quaichs can be found using the toolbar at the top.

 fiddleback sycamore bowl amazing wavy grain 7" £75

 flame blackened sycamore 7.5" and £55

  flame blackened sycamore 7.5" and £55 sold

 sweet little beech bowl 6.5" £45 sold

 traditional chamfered rim dairy style bowl sycamore 8" £59 sold

 white with striking brown marks sycamore 7" £49

  turned and carved kuksa drinking cup £75

 jazzy spalted beech bowl 6.5 £49

 beech bowl very traditional form, quite chunky, this one will be here in 150 years time 9" £69 sold

alder dish, I don't often make dishes and don't often work alder but this came out nice  8.5" £55

 beech dish 8.5" £55 design based on beech dishes from the Mary Rose

 laburnum mazer bowl £80

4 small beech dishes 7-7.5" £39 each or 4 for £140

 These small bowls are perfect for serving olives, made from spalted beech and sycamore, 4-5" diameter they are £15 each, 4 for £50

 In Sweden they paint a lot of bowls. I love it. This one is painted with home made linseed based paint with natural pigment I bought in Sweden 7" £55 sold

 set of small bowls, five in this photo but there are six as seen below.
small bowls 6.5" £35 each though I would love them to go as a set so if you want them all they would be £180 sold

20 July 2010

Here are some nice individual bowls, mazers and quaiches I hope you can find something here that you like the look of. To order simply send me an email or post in the comments box at the bottom. UK P&P is £7.50 and you can pay by cheque or paypal.

These quaichs were all sold but I liked them so am leaving the pic here for a bit.

I have not had time to make any of these recently but this is a very special nesting set of bowls all cut from one piece of wood one inside the other.

 This particular nest is made of alder and is the one I was photographed turning in Country Living magazine for the Balvenie Artisan of the Year award. The picture below shows the size of them £455

03 May 2010

Bowl Gallery

All the bowls from this post were sold but I am leaving this set showing for a while just because I am proud of them.
6 And finally, this is perhaps the most special piece I have offered for sale on the web. This set of bowls was turned from a single piece of wonderful spalted beech. I turned it on 15th Dec 2009 51 years to the day after George Lailey "the last bowlturner" died. You can see how it was made in this video of me making the first of my George Lailey commemorative sets, I decided not to sell the first set, it means too much to me.

The diameters of these bowls are 15", 11",  8", and  5", whilst a stunning and unique collectors piece I do hope they go to someone who will use them too. They will improve with age and use.
This very special set is £575 SOLD