Hand carved eating spoons and a range of larger spoons for cooking and serving. I also teach carving courses where you can learn to make your own. P&P for spoons is £5 unless ordered with bowls in which case the standard charge of £7.50 per order applies.

Galician spoon

These are based on some I saw in an ethnographic museum during a trip to Spain. This is the design of spoon I use every day for breakfast and they are equally good for soup or desert, a classic design and a delight to use, they get nicer the longer you use them. These are made from birch.

Medieval eating spoon
This attractive design with an octagonal handle is based on a Medieval spoon I found in a museum in Lubeck, North Germany.

Perfect cooking spoons
£19 :: 10-12" long 

I cook a lot and carve a lot of spoons, I try them all out and refine them until I get a design that works really well. If you enjoy cooking or have friends that do treat yourself to a spoon that really works. 

The prefect cooking spoon is neither rounded for flat across the end, it is a gentle curve and cut at an angle either right of left handed. This allows you to sweep around the base of the pan efficiently. The end should be robust enough to scrape scrambled eggs as they begin to thicken but thin enough to easily cut into food when serving.

Narrow spoons are great for bechamel sauce or other liquids where they won't splash and also for removing the last few beans from the base of a tin. Broader spoons are better for serving. It is just possible to make a spoon that cooks well and also serves well, this is great as again it saves washing 2 spoons. Let me know if you want a left handed spoon.

Birch serving spoon
 8" long £85

One of a kind serving spoon cut from a curved piece of wood so the strong fibres follow the shape allowing me to carve it thin whilst retaining strength. I like to think of spoons like this as functional sculpture.