Mazers and quaichs

Ceremonial and celebratory vessels for the 21st century

For something very special, these make a unique gift. Finely turned with hallmarked silver rims, mazers are recreations of magnificent Medieval drinking bowls. Quaichs, which are smaller and with two little handles, were traditionally used for drinking whisky. I have been working with Sheffield silversmith Owen Waterhouse to produce them and we have traveled around many museums studying originals to perfect them. There are many quaichs on the market few of which have the beauty or feel of the originals. I aim to make quaichs and mazers that will still be treasured in 100 years.

The word quaich is Scottish, derived from the Gaelic word ‘cuach’ meaning cup. With the two handles making them perfect for sharing a toast, they have long been recognised as a cup of love and friendship and are a traditional christening or wedding gift. They also make an ideal present for the whisky drinker in your life. Read more on the history of the quaich here

A fine sycamore quaich with hallmarked silver rim  3.5" rim £225

 A lovely ash quaich with hallmarked silver rim  3.5" rim £225

Quaichs in various woods without silver rims 3.5" rim £60

Two ash quaichs 3.5" rim £225 each one sold

 A fine pair of sycamore quaichs 3.5" rim £225 each

A large communal quaich ideal for toasting at a wedding, celebrating Burns night or New Year ash 5" rim SOLD

a huge quaich in field maple with a 7" rim, this one holds 800ml so a whole bottle of whisky or wine so you need a large gathering to share it. The rim would take engraving well.

 Four lugged quaich in field maple 5" rim £325

Four lugged quaich in laburnum 5" rim £325 sold

 Four lugged quaich in ash 5" rim £295

This sycamore  mazer with deep 7" rim woudl take an engraved message well £395 sold

This one is not for sale but just here for show. It was a special commission with a 10" engraved rim, special work of this type takes far more time and significantly more cost but the results can be stunning, true heirlooms.

Traditional mazer
approx 5" diameter :: £295
This one is sold but a pattern that I can repeat based on simple but beautiful 14th century mazers in the Museum of Canterbury, made from straight-grained sycamore with a 5"  hallmarked silver rim.

Laburnum mazer
approx 5" diameter :: £325
This one is also based on some 14th century ones from the Museum of Canterbury, but made from laburnum; the dark wood providing a beautiful contrast to the hallmarked silver rim again this piece was sold but I can make another along these lines.

Deep-rimmed mazer
approx 6" diameter :: Sold and given as a gift to Dr Rowan Williams, I can't think of a better home for a special rowan mazer.
This is our most splendid mazer to date, its magnificent burr rowan bowl contrasting nicely with the deep, heavy rim in a style that became popular in the 15th and 16th centuries. Polishing it gives me great pleasure. Some of the originals had inscriptions around the rim so this would make an ideal presentation gift for a special occasion.